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Is love a destiny or a decision ?

Today we will talk about a very important question that many of us ask, and it is Is love a destiny or a decision ?.

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What is love and what does it mean?

Before we know Is love a destiny or a decision ? We must first know what is love?.

Love falls to the human being an important position, as it is a valuable human need.

a distinct feeling, and a behavior obtained by influence and attraction.

It is one of the motives and necessities of the human being that he is drawn into and is drawn to its control and its consequences.

It is the power that surrounds the human being in many forms and various manifestations.

so that denying them becomes a kind of imagination, or a denial of humanity and the meanings of life.

Love is a beautiful, innate relationship that arises between male and female.

and carries in its nature harmony of feelings and compatibility of goals.

and is based on understanding, spiritual meeting, harmony, and tenderness.

This relationship aims to create comfort, happiness, and happiness for both lovers.

To achieve this goal, the two lovers make every effort in sacrifices and capabilities to reach the desired goal.

And this relationship continues with strength and durability as long as happiness, pleasure, and the rare effect is obtained through it and is absent in others.

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The concept of love among philosophers :

Philosophers dealt with the concept of love as an abstract whole, and divided it into many types and different ends.

Socrates defined it as an imagination and a conception that could not be achieved in the world of materialism.

coupled it with pain and sadness and removed from it the concept of happiness or the achievement of pleasure.

Because the term is a fairy spirit that can only be achieved by visualization and imagination.

Among the philosophers who knew the concept of love was the Greek philosopher Yosanias, who divided love into two types :

the earthly and the heavenly, and concluded that love is an intermediate between the lover and the beloved.

As for Plato, he described love as a purposeful act that strives for good.

that it is the supreme act that humanity does, and that love is achieved by awareness and delving into the facts.

The concept of love in psychology :

Psychologists put love in the causation of the human’s needs and motives, and made it justified by the amount of need or purpose in which a person exercises love.

Freud indicated in his definition of love that it is merely an end that appears with an individual motivation and a psychological need that tends to satisfy through sexual practice.

There is no actual existence of love, but rather a need.

For a sexual relationship that appears as an instinct hidden in an independent positive emotion called love.

As for Eric Fromm, Freud agreed that love is a need, a motive, and transcends it in his attachment to the sexual instinct without the presence of emotion.

Fromm emphasized that love is the human need for belonging and integration, which explains his need for sex, in terms of integration.

reproduction, the fulfillment of emotions, and cohesion at the individual level , Family, and society.

Is love a destiny or a decision ?

Is love a destiny or a decision ?
Is love a destiny or a decision ?

Is love a destiny or a decision ?

The people of jurisprudence and beliefs believe that everything in the universe is governed by the judgment and destiny of God Almighty and preceded by the knowledge and absence of God.

and this includes the actions of the servants, their movements, their thinking, their choices.

and what they fall into from good and evil, and to place the matter of man in his life between the divine direction of what is created for him where the limits Humanity does not transcend the power.

will and will of God Almighty, between human choice that is enhanced by reason, assignment, the ability to measure and balance, knowledge of good and evil and the choice between them.

Thus, what an individual does of the things and chosen behaviors between possibilities and alternatives is within his choice, decision, scrutiny, and differentiation between What can achieve his benefit and benefit and what is detrimental to his interest and order.

so if he needs his food he eats and if he desires to marry he gets married and every one of his choice is allocated to his account entrusted with the assignment without directing or coercion.

so the person has the choice of his own will, earning him, and his dealings, and he has the decision to do so without taking over.

Is love a destiny or a decision ?

This analogy can be dropped on love, which is originally a human need.

which the prophets wanted to appear in their followers as a prominent feature in order to achieve security and happiness.

so they urged them and guided them to it, which was also adopted by the Ancients as a basis for evaluating human behavior and actions.

For they made every achievement that does not stem from valued love and appreciation;

Love must be the primary motivation for any action or behavior that an individual takes.

Modern societies’ view of love is confined to two categories.

The first believes that love is the result of opportunity and chance, that is, it is related to the extent that brings the right person at the right time and place for souls to meet and converge and a rapid emotion arises that generates happiness and pleasure in the hearts of those who love without effort, fatigue or initiative.

However, the other group sees love as a learned skill that is acquired through learning and training, like the various sciences and arts.

Love as a science and skill depends on building the psychological and mental capabilities of people to be able and qualified to make love and practice that art realistically.

so love is based on that appreciation, my decisions and a human choice related to the pursuit and will of man without the control and management of fate.

Is love a destiny or a decision ?

Perhaps the greatest indication that falling in love is a voluntary matter that stems from the individual’s decision and responsibility is the outcome of the love situation after a certain time.

such as the end of the marriage of the lovers by divorce, for example, or the lack of love between them after a period of marriage and meeting, and friendship and harmony.

this clearly shows that their decision to make love has ended, Or that they took a new decision to end that state of love, as love was not a momentary fate for them or a changing time course.

but rather the initial decision of love did not obtain permanence and eternity due to its conjunction with choice and decision subject to ease of change and change.

Realism from which ideals are shed and invaded by normal appearances so that both lovers learn about each other’s typical lives without decoration and a high-level arrangement and performance.

so that each of them shows his inherently faults and faults without being keen on idealism and over-improving the external image that does not usually appear inside the house.

so that the hidden features are not revealed It is seen by every lover in his beloved.

and a new decision comes to some lovers that ends the alleged state of love that came Take it up earlier with an eternal love decision.

Is love a destiny or a decision ? Is love a destiny or a decision ? Is love a destiny or a decision ? Is love a destiny or a decision ? Is love a destiny or a decision ? Is love a destiny or a decision ? Is love a destiny or a decision ?


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