How to color your hair at home

Today we will talk about beautiful ways to learn How to color your hair at home where you can be creative from inside your home and look more beautiful.

How to color your hair at home

The closure of beauty salons in light of the global spread of the Corona epidemic caused a real problem for every woman who used to use the hair coloring services provided by these salons so How to color your hair at home.

But did you know that you can use a set of natural recipes that will help you to color your hair while waiting for life to return to its natural course?

Hair coloring plant mixtures are healthy and free from any chemicals. It is a treatment that strengthens and protects hair, unlike chemical coloring preparations that expose it to dryness and damage.

How to color your hair at home
How to color your hair at home

Use coffee, lemon, turmeric and other natural materials that give hair a beautiful color and strengthen it at the same time, by using these easy-to-prepare mixtures to revive your natural hair color and hide gray hair now How to color your hair at home.

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To revive your dark brown hair color, mix two tablespoons of leftover coffee grounds or granulated coffee beans with two tablespoons of conditioner and add a little water to get a mask that is easy to apply to all clean hair. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and leave this mask on the hair for an hour or more. It is recommended to apply this mask several times in a row to get a very dark color.

Black tea:

Black tea is distinguished by its antioxidant properties, but it is also a natural hair colorant that has been used since ancient times to give brown and black hair a vibrant color.

To color hair with tea, boil a liter of water and add 200 grams of black tea leaves to it.

Leave the mixture to boil on low heat for 30 minutes, then take it off the heat and let it rest for 24 hours, then filter and use it to rinse the hair after washing it with shampoo.

To get a darker color, use a brew of tea as a mask to apply on damp hair and leave it for an hour before washing it.


The chamomile spring flower is distinguished by its ability to lighten hair color and revive chestnut locks.

To prepare a hair-lightening solution, mix an equivalent amount of chamomile flowers, calendula herb, and turmeric powder and add two cups of boiling water.

Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes, then strain and apply to the washed hair. Leave this marinade on the hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it, and to get a quick result, it is advised to repeat applying this mask after each shampoo.

Rosemary herb:

Rosemary is very effective in covering white hair and reviving brown hair color, as it strengthens the hair and takes care of the scalp.

Add a handful of rosemary to a liter of boiling water, then put the mixture over a low heat for half an hour, and after raising it, let it rest for 3 hours.

Upon use, mix this splash with a little green clay powder to create a formula that is easy to apply to all hair and leave for an hour. Then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it with the remaining rosemary infusion.


The sage herb is effective in covering white hair naturally, and it provides an effect similar to that of tea or coffee in this area.

Add 200 grams of sage leaves to a liter of boiling water and leave it on low heat for 30 minutes.

Take the mixture off the stove and let it cool down before applying it to the hair for 30 minutes, then wash it with your regular shampoo.

Beetroot and carrot juice:

A mixture of beetroot juice and carrot juice is a great way to create copper tones.

It is enough to apply this mixture on the hair and cover it with a plastic bath cap, then leave it for an hour, to be rinsed with water mixed with apple cider vinegar.

It is recommended to repeat applying this mask until you get the desired result now you know How to color your hair at home.

Lemon and honey:

These two ingredients have hair-lightening properties.

Honey works to lighten the dark brown color of the hair, revive the honey chestnut color, and it also works to care for the scalp.

Make a hair mask containing the same amount of honey and lemon juice and leave it on the hair for two hours before washing it.

It is recommended to repeat applying this mask 3 or 4 times to get the desired result.

Essential tips for How to color your hair at home :

  1. • Use containers made of wood or glass to prepare these mixtures, because the use of metal utensils can lead to oxidation of the colored pigments in them.
  2. • Wrapping the hair with nylon after applying the mask leads to effective results.
  3. • It may be necessary to repeat the application of these masks several times to obtain the desired results.
  4. • Apply a moisturizing mask to the hair after coloring, with a little apple cider vinegar added, which helps fix the color and secure the shine to the hair.
  5. • Wait 4 days before washing your hair after applying these coloring mixtures to help fix the color better.

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