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10 tips to be good in bed to improve your sex life

10 tips to be good in bed to improve your sex life :

Ever felt like you’re not performing well within the bedroom or not ‘good in bed’ or wondered simply the way to be good in bed ? If yes, then you’re not alone.

Sadly, this is often a priority faced by many and may actually distract you from enjoying sex.

It’s important to recollect that instead of brooding about what you ‘should be’ doing, good sex is about the pleasure both you and your partner will experience.

Below we explore our top 10 sex tips for men and for ladies , watching anything from the way to ask your partner, the way to increase your drive and the way to explore your sexual appetite alone.

1. Communication during sex

Don’t assume your partner should know what you enjoy good in bed sexually.

Show them by moving their hand to where you would like to be touched, or tell them. they could even find it a true turn-on to listen to you say the words.

Be encouraging once you are enjoying the touch.

Expecting your partner to figure it out can cause frustration and disappointment.

2. Make it happen

Don’t await the instant to return to you; make it happen.

concupiscence doesn’t necessarily spontaneously happen (particularly in long-term relationships), so you would like to line things up, to assist to urge you within the mood for sex.

Take a soothing bath or shower and awaken your bodily senses by noticing the temperature, texture and pressure of the water on your skin.

found out the space with scented candles and soft lighting.

Banish distractions like mobile phones, screens and other devices.

Scheduling in sex together with your partner are often a part of the foreplay, allowing you to seem forward thereto .

3. Practise solo sex

Not only can masturbating boost your concupiscence , but it also can make sex more exciting.

this is often because masturbation can assist you become more conscious of what turns you on sexually.

What you discover arousing can change over time, so this self-exploration and sexual discovery will still evolve as you grow old .

4. Vary the menu

Sex isn’t all about penetration.

Mutual masturbation, oral sex, massage, exploring the entire body and what quite touch feels good, are often equally pleasurable, if less so.

Choosing to require penetration off the menu occasionally can assist you to explore other sexual activities.

5. Teasing to arousal

Rather than heading straight for the genitals, build arousal slowly, letting it wax and wane.

Take some time , massage and touch everywhere each other’s bodies – vary the touch with slow, fast or soft, firm movements – gradually getting closer to the foremost intense places. Use your sense of touch and smell, as you’ll find that to be very erotic.

And don’t ditch kissing! to be good in bed

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6. Quality not quantity

Having sex more often doesn’t necessarily make it more enjoyable.

Some people like better to roll in the hay very regularly et al. less so; it’s not a contest and everybody is different.

you would possibly find that deciding to not roll in the hay (particularly penetrative sex), even once you might wish to , can increase your enjoyment next time.

7. Explore your phantasy world 

Everyone is capable of fantasising and you almost certainly roll in the hay without realising.

Fantasy may be a playful place in your mind where you’ll write your own stories and anything can happen.

you’ll or might not wish to explain them to (or enact them with) your partner, but doing so may intensify sex for both of you.

Reading erotic literature can assist you create your fantasies, otherwise you may enjoy a sexual fantasy written by somebody else .

8. Get playful

Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you don’t have a playful side. awaken that a part of yourself by visiting an adult erotic store face to face , or online.

Experiment with sex toys, lotions, lubricants and maybe play a naughty card or parlor game .

roll in the hay ahead of a mirror and vary the situation of where you’ve got sex good in bed.

Play it safe. Don’t let anxieties about unwanted pregnancy and transmission of STI’s and HIV spoil your fun, so make certain to use protection.

For more information on sexual health tests and treatment, visit our sexual health clinic.

9. Increase stamina

Have you ever noticed that you simply feel horny or have more sexual thoughts after physical exercise?

Not only does regular exercise improve overall health, but it also can lower anxiety, improve mood and cause you to feel relaxed – all of which may get you within the right frame of mind for sex.

Regular cardiovascular exercise like swimming, running, cycling and getting to the gym increases blood flow round the body, including the genitals, which may cause a rise in desire, arousal and delight of sex.

10. Don’t be a spectator

Don’t concentrate to performance anxieties, like worrying about how hard your or your partner’s penis is, or whether you would possibly orgasm timely or not in the least , or what your body seems like .

it’s very difficult to enjoy sex good in bed if your mind is elsewhere. Instead, concentrate to the physical sensations once you touch your partner and your partner touches you, to actually immerse yourself within the moment. attempt to veer faraway from being ‘good orientated’ during sex.

most of the people experience sexual difficulties at some point in their life, but if you are feeling that you simply need specialist help, visit your GP, LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor or seek help from a professional , accredited Psychosexual Therapist.

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