3 Steps To Getting Your Dog To Share Toys With You

Steps To Getting Your Dog To Share Toys With You

Playing with your dog isn’t much fun if all she wants to try to to is take her toys and play with them by herself.

I wasn’t sure the way to play with Matilda when she was a puppy.

She loved it once I would say “Ready, Set…. GO!” and throw a toy across the space .

She even brought the toy copy on the couch with me.

But she wouldn’t love it once I tried to require the toy away for an additional throw.

and that i didn’t want to form playtime less enjoyable by forcing her to offer up her toys.

Now, she hops into my lap together with her toy, teasing me into twiddling with her.

It’s such a lot more fun now that i do know she actually wants to share her toys with me.

There’s a couple of things I did to encourage her to share her toys with me:

Step 1: Teach your dog to play fetch

Matilda probably didn’t understand the purpose of bringing toys to me until she learned the way to fetch.

to show fetch, I used tons of food rewards, so initially I didn’t think she’d develop a motivation to bring toys to me if treats weren’t involved.

The key to creating fetch more fun, albeit you’re not using treats, is to not throw the toy clear across the space whenever .

Sometimes, I just toss the toy a couple of feet away.

Your dog isn’t getting to want to share her toys with you if you usually throw them distant .

By varying your throwing distance, you’re making yourself less predictable, and making fetch less tiring for your dog.

Step 2: Let her win at tug-o-war

When I was a child , dog books from the library told me to never let my old dog win once we played tug.

If he won, he would believe he was an Alpha.

Of course, we now know that this is often not true.

I’m very careful once I play tug-o-war with Matilda.

I never pull the toy so her feet take off the bottom – supporting her weight together with her mouth could break her teeth.

I hold the toy and gently tug back, pretending to let the toy slip from my grip whenever she jerks until she wins.

I like to think she believes that she’s stronger than me.

This is probably the simplest thanks to get your Dog To Share Toys.

once I let Matilda win at tug, she often hops straight back to my lap for more playtime.

Step 3: flinch if your dog is being possessive.

Sometimes, I’ll reach for Matilda’s toy, and she’ll put her mouth over the part I’m close to grab.

therein case, I just flinch and ignore her.

By disengaging, I’m giving her the liberty to possess the toy to herself, but also showing her that if she doesn’t share, I’m not getting to play together with her .

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Dogs like it when humans play with them.

They’re less likely to interact with their toys unless we’re around to form them move.

So, your interaction may be a valuable reward for a dog who’s willing Dog To Share Toys.

It’s commonplace for your Dog To Share Toys once you approach them when they’re deeply engrossed during a toy they love.

Growling are often a part of play, or simply how for your Dog To Share Toys to mention , “back off, I’m already having fun.”

You don’t got to punish your Dog To Share Toys for growling once they have a toy, and you shouldn’t force them to offer it up.

Instead, give them reasons to share, or play with another toy to point out them what they’re missing.

Possessive aggression are often a significant problem, but a polite growl is nothing to stress about.

Avoid snatching toys out of a dog’s mouth.

Don’t pull it out of her teeth or put your fingers in her mouth to urge her to release.

These unpleasant experiences will provoke a Dog To Share Toys to bite – they’ll feel they need no other thanks to avoid these scary interactions.

you’ll use treats to show a dog to “release” a toy on command.

Adults and supervised, older children should teach Dog To Share Toys – not children.

Kids can find it difficult to read a dog’s visual communication , and are at greater risk for bites.

When will my dog learn to share her toys?

I didn’t see these changes in Matilda overnight.

It took months, and much of patience.

I play together with her as often as possible, especially when she’s energetic after meals.

Lately, she’s been far more playful, ever since she started on a homemade raw diet.

The more you play together with your Dog To Share Toys, the earlier they’ll realize that toys are not any fun unless you’re a part of the sport


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