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Best 10 Sex Tips Ever

Best 10 Sex Tips Ever

sex tips has been around forever, but there still seems to be a never-ending curiosity gap about it.

Because it is human nature, it’s also only logical that we humans would be constantly thinking and wondering about it.

Are we all doing it? If so, how often? Are we doing it correctly? What else is there to try?

Is everyone having one kind of sex that I’m not? The good news is, as long as it’s consensual, safe, and healthy, you’re good.

Part of the beauty of sex is that it’s so subjective.

Just because one person loves BDSM-style sex, doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy vanilla sex.

You can always evolve your sexual tastes and proclivities, and that’s kinda what makes it great.

Experimentation is part of being a sexual being.

To help you make sure your bedroom action is as pleasurable as possible, here are 85 of the best sex tips to ever come out of Cosmo.

1. Masturbate every morning.

What better way to get in touch with what turns you on than by making an orgasm part of your daily self-care routine?

Try masturbating every morning for a month and see what it does for your sex life.

Our bet? Good things.

2. Dry hump more.

Dry humping might be thought of as an awkward teen activity from ye olde high school days, but as one writer found, dry humping as an adult actually slaps (or rather, grinds?).

The stimulation is on point, it’s not too direct in case you have an overly sensitive clitoris, and the hotness of keeping your clothes on and still pawing at each other is a mental turn-on too.

3. Try a cock ring.

If your partner has a penis, a penis or cock ring can really rev up something that’s already good.

By restricting blood flow to the penis, the ring makes their erection harder and stronger (also helpful if they have issues finishing too early or staying hard).

And of course, there are tons of vibrating cock rings out there that may make orgasming for you way easier too.

It’s a win-win.

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4. Pay more attention to your aftercare routine

“Aftercare” is a common BDSM thing, where each partner takes time to check in with each other and care for one another after sex.

It’s especially important in BDSM where intense scenes might have each person experimenting with different dynamics that don’t reflect how each person actually thinks of their partner.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t also have aftercare worked into vanilla sex tips.

Take time to check in with your partner afterwards and cuddle, give, or get a glass of water, and re-affirm your care for one another.

5. Watch a sexy show together.

Turn on Witcher or Outlander and let the steamy scenes influence how you spend your nightto be good in bed for sex tips.

6. Try a sex game.

You don’t necessarily need to buy one either. There are plenty of

sex games you can play with a partner that’ll turn you both on that don’t require a board or separate card deck.

Just two willing participants down to have a very good time.

7. Try a nipple clamp.

They’re cheap, don’t take up a lot of space, and nipple clamps can be just as pleasurable with or without a partner.

8. Invest in some secret BDSM jewelry

There’s luxury and then there’s luxury for sex tips. 

If you’re just bored of spending money on the usual, ball out and get some bougie bondage jewelry, like this :

fahhhncy Kiki de Montparnasse handcuff set that looks, to the average person, like a very chic bracelet. It’ll be your little secret.

9. Try a remote control vibrator

Whether you’re handing the reins to your partner to drive or just over fiddling with the buttons on your vibrator right as you’re about to reach peak, remote controlled vibes are everywhere nowadays and make masturbation way easier.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one once you try it out.

10. Try kneeling beside your partner during oral, instead of in front of them.

If you typically kneel in front of your partner during a blow job, try kneeling beside them.

Not only will you give them a great view of your ass, you also might find it more comfortable and easier for you (or them) to stimulate your clit while you’re giving it your all sex tips.

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